Access (Microsoft Access or MS Access) is a data management software from Microsoft. Until now, there is no similar software that can match the ease of Access in managing databases.

One of the advantages of Access is that we can create database application programs, so we can automate many tasks that are routine or frequently performed.

Light and Easy to Use

Access application programs are very ‘light’ and easy to use. We do not need to install it on the computer like the program in general, but can directly run the file.

The requirement to run the Access application program is the presence of Access on the computer. In this case we don’t need to have the full version of Access , but we can use the Runtime version of Access which can be downloaded for free.

Access Version

Access has many versions, for example versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 365. Pay attention to the version of Access required by the program, for example version 2013, then you must install Access version 2013 or later.

You don’t have to worry too much about the Access version. You can uninstall the old version and install the new version without interrupting the application program. The newer Access version, the better, but of course it requires better computer resources.

Program Files and Data Files

Access application can store data in their files, but in professional application programs, program files generally do not contain data so they can always be replaced, for example with a newer version.

The data file (database) is separate in its own file which can be used continuously even if the application program is replaced (update / upgrade). You need to keep data files from being damaged or lost, while program files can be retrieved from the program developer.

Running the Access Program

To run the Access application is very easy, just double-click the file and Access will automatically run the program. A good application program is generally equipped with the ability to connect to the database files (via settings in the program configuration).

As for user login and user permissions, this capability is made by the program maker so that you can set which user has what rights.

Hope it is useful!

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