Currently, technology is growing, making it easier for us to run a business, including small businesses. On the Internet there are so many application software provided making business people confused about which one to choose. If you choose the wrong one, you will waste time and money.

Software Listing & Review

We try to help you by providing a list of software that we have selected in various categories. You can say that the software we list here is human-picked, not directly registered by the software vendor. We will also make a review of the software that we have chosen to help you make a choice.

For fellow developers or software makers, please submit your software to us so we can list it here. Of course we will study your software first so it is worth choosing and showing it here.

Making Software Yourself or Request Custom Application

For the software users, if you do not find the software you are looking for in the available listings, please ask or submit a request to us. You can also consider making the software yourself, or we will make it for you (custom application). You can also request our services for the implementation of information systems or application software in your place.

Hopefully the services provided by can help your business to achieve success.

PS: the software listing here of course will continue to grow to provide more useful software for you. Please subscribe to our Newsletter in below footer so we can inform you when new software added.