Inventory Control App

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Here we introduce an application software named “ Inventory Control App ”.

Of course you already know the function of the inventory control software, but to prevent you from misunderstanding the “Inventory Control App”, here we will mention it as follows.

This “Inventory Control App” is for:

  • To record inventory (stock) in warehouses, shops, or in your office.
  • To record incoming goods, in this case is Purchase, and input Purchase Return if any.
  • To record outgoing goods, in this case is Sales, and input Sales Returns if any.
  • To record stock transfer from warehouse to store or branch, or to other locations if any.
  • The end result is the inventory/stock information for each location, or as a whole company.

Maybe you’ve seen a lot of similar software applications offered on the Internet and make you confused about which one to choose. Keep in mind, a lot of the software that is offered is not what they are touting. Some of them are not good quality and will just waste your time trying or using them. Some of them are large in scale so they are quite complicated to use.



Before you choose, you need to know the specifications of the “Inventory Control App” (IC App) that we offer here:

  • IC App is a desktop application, runs offline on your local computer or local network, does not require an online connection to the Internet. Thus your data is safe in your own place.
  • IC App is made with MS Access, does not need to be installed and can be run directly. Of course this application is convenient for small companies.

This application can be used in:

  • Trading / sales company.
  • Freight forwarding / logistics company.
  • Organizations that distribute goods.



The main advantage of the IC App is its ease of use and light weight , you can even carry programs and data everywhere on a flash drive.

However, the IC App can be used multi-user and supports multi-location integrated in the LAN.

Because it is made with Access, IC App of course has a look and feel like other Microsoft products so that it is familiar to users.


Download and Use

We provide the IC App in full version, not a demo program. All the facilities are fully functional. You can just download and use it in your work right away.


Price / Cost

If this application is sufficient to meet your Inventory Control needs, we only hope that you will buy an activation key at a very low cost, around USD 3 per month (you can buy it starting from 3 months of use).

NOTE : you can still use the program even if you don’t buy an activation key, but there is a slight limitation in displaying the data.

Most importantly, you need to try using this application program, and feel the benefits!


Download Now!

Please download now. Do not forget to follow the instructions for use that have been provided.

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