Software Name: Inventory Control App.
Purpose: Inventory / Stock Control
Platform: Windows
Database: Microsoft Access
Category: Desktop Application (Offline)
Current version: 1.01 (Nov 2021)
Developer: Haer Talib (
Price: US$ 3 / month (can be used without registration)
Trial version: Provided
Language: English (International), Indonesian

If your company has stock of goods, sells or delivers goods, receives or buys goods, and sometimes moves goods from one location to another, then you will need an “Inventory Control” application. With this application you will be able to find out which stock of your goods is still available at any time.

Try downloading the “Inventory Control” application here.

This application program can be used immediately. You just need to extract the downloaded file to a folder, then you are ready to use it. Open the User Guide file provided and then follow the steps for installing the application and how to run it.

The “Inventory Control” application is made with Microsoft Access and is only a program file and a few supporting files. Light and small, it can even be placed in a flash drive (including program files and database files). You can take the “Inventory Control” application and open it on your office computer, at the store, or at home.

Even though it is only a small application, the “Inventory Control” application already has all the modules needed, including:

  • Stock Taking (Stock Taking) module, where you can enter the balance of the stock you have, either in the store, in the office, or in the warehouse.
  • Purchase module, where you can enter data on purchases or receipts of goods.
  • Purchase Returns Module, where you can enter purchase return data (if any).
  • Sales module, where you can enter sales or delivery data.
  • Sales Returns Module, where you can enter sales return data (if any).
  • Stock Transfer module, where you can enter data on the movement of goods from one location to another within your organization.
  • Stock Information module, where you can see the stock information you have, which has been calculated automatically based on all the data in the database.

The advantages of the “Inventory Control” application include:

  • Small and light, and very simple so you can easily use it.
  • It has provided all the necessary modules, including modules for managing item lists, supplier lists, and customer lists.
  • Can be used multi-user, where each user can be given different rights according to their respective tasks.
  • Supports multi-location inventory of goods.
  • Look and feel like familiar Microsoft products, making it easy to use even for novice users.
  • Data is stored offline with the program, or can be stored somewhere on one of the computers that acts as a server, so that they can be accessed together (multi-user).
  • A complete User Guide is available, which can be displayed by pressing F1 in the program.
  • Can be used even without registering/buying an activation key. If you decide to buy an activation key, the price is very cheap, only around US$ 3 per month of use.
  • Data is in your own hands, not stored on online servers, so it is safe and belongs to you.

Disadvantages of the “Inventory Control” application (if you want to call it a deficiency) may be:

  • It can only be run on Windows-based computers, not on Android gadgets, for example, although this way you become more flexible in managing your data.
  • Requires Microsoft Access to be installed on the user’s computer. If you don’t have Access software, you can download the free Access Runtime version. The Inventory Control application can be run using 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Access.
  • Cannot be run online via an Internet browser, can only use the provided application program. For some people, this method is actually considered safer because the data is not exposed to the Internet.
  • Only for small companies, although this is also very relative. If your company is a large company, maybe you will want to spend quite a lot of money to buy or subscribe to big software like SAP. The number of data records in Access is actually not limited, but the database file size is only up to 2GB (per database file).

Here are some screenshots of the “Inventory Control” application program.

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